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Cozy, all-natural blankets since 1964

Welcome to Rodopska Takan

From all-natural to bright and colorful, from traditional to contemporary and modern,  we have it all – cozy and warm blankets, rugs and accessories to inspire you and your home!

Popular categories

Luxury merino wool blankets

Merino wool is deservedly known as the best sheep's wool on the planet.

Colorful rugs

Vivid or in pastel colours, in traditional or contemporary, our rugs are the perfect addition to any interior.

why choose wool?

Throughout Bibilical times, the Greeks and the Romans, the Dark Ages and the Renaissance, all the way to the era of discovery, exploration and settlement, sheep have performed their marvellous double duty of feeding and clothing mankind.

A little bit about us

“Rodopska takan” factory is located in the picturesque town of Smloyan, in the ancient Rhodope mountains. We have been offering great quality textiles to our customers since 1964.  We offer a wide range of high quality textile products from wool and merino wool that include contemporary and traditional Bulgarian home textiles, luxury blankets,  extensive ranges of wool rugs and carpets, and ever changing collection of gift items.

Wool blanket
Karakachan sheep